What is .REALTOR?

You know website addresses that end with the domain extension .com, most do. And you’ve probably seen others that end in .org, .edu and .gov.

But, did you know that hundreds—if not thousands—of new domain extensions will exist soon? They can be for just about anything, including real estate, and are being reviewed by ICANN. That means that soon, many new domains will be approved, allowing consumers to search for the things on the Internet in an entirely new way.

That’s why NAR secured the new .REALTOR domain: to clearly provide a trusted source for real estate information online and to bring order to this increasingly complicated online world. Like the term REALTOR®, only REALTORS® can use .REALTOR domains, making it the clearest way to show consumers you are a member of NAR, and you adhere to a higher standard of ethics and are a source they can trust.

Claim your .REALTOR domain as soon as it’s available to take advantage of the exclusive benefits it provides you as a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

NAR has secured the .REALTOR domain and it is anticipated it will be available for you to claim yours in the Fall of 2014. Watch for communication this summer to claim your own .REALTOR domain.


Myths of .REALTOR

Myth#1 - My new web address will end in realtor.com.

FALSE. Your web address will end in .REALTOR, which replaces .com. This part of the URL is called the top-level domain (TLD) and comes after the last dot in the URL. .REALTOR is a top-level domain, like .com and .net.

Myth #2 - The .REALTOR domain only allows me to market my name and that doesn’t have much value.

FALSE. As a REALTOR®, it’s important to build your brand as a local, real estate professional, with something unique to offer in your market. REALTORS®, like other Internet users, often create domain names using their name alone or along with a combination of local or real estate keywords they foresee will help prospects find them.

.REALTOR domain names require, at a minimum, the use of your first or last name directly before .REALTOR, with the exception of numbers. The minimum requirements follow both the REALTOR® trademark guidelines of using the word REALTOR®, while still allowing for creativity to help prospects find you using keywords. For more on guidelines, click here.

Myth #3 – The FREE .REALTOR domains are sold out

FALSE. NAR is giving away 500,000 FREE .REALTOR domains, one per member for one year. To date, more than 89,000 domains have been claimed, which means you can still claim your FREE domain.

Once you  claim your .REALTOR domains, don’t forget to incorporate it into your marketing materials, such as on business cards, in your client communications, and on listing and open house collateral.