How to use .REALTOR

Claiming .REALTOR domain names are first-come, first-served. 

To see the full set of business rules for the .REALTOR domain, including firms/offices, Boards and Associations, and REALTOR® owned MLSs, click here.


Naming Rules

Individual REALTOR® Domains

At minimum,

  • Members must use their first, last or full name in their domain name as it is in their NAR or CREA membership record
  • Either your full first or full last name must come directly before .REALTOR.












Brokerage Firms









Member Boards













Reminder About the REALTOR® Mark
Remember that, as a REALTOR®, you have the right to use the term REALTOR® and to use the REALTOR® Block R mark to identify yourself. That right also comes with specific rules of use to maintain the value and meaning attached to that brand. For more information on using the term REALTOR® on the Internet, see the Internet usage rules for the term REALTOR®. For more information about using the REALTOR® term and mark everywhere, see the Membership Marks Manual and the On Your Mark brochure, available at the Store.

Code of Ethics
As always, remember that only REALTORS® abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, a significant differentiator in the market that is enhanced by the new .REALTOR domain. For details on the Code, visit